Private Policy

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LG Hausys, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) values users’ personal information and complies with laws and regulations in relation to information protection and personal information. The Company provides the purpose and method of users’ personal information and the measures taken for personal information protection through Privacy Notice. If there is a change in Privacy Notice, the Company will notice it through Privacy Notice (or individual notice).

1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The Company collects the minimum amount of personal information necessary to provide smooth services.

  1. Items to be collected and purpose of use of personal information
    1. 1.Product Inquiry
      • Required item : Location(including country, street, state, city), e-mail address, Telephone number(including mobile number)
    2. 2.The information can be created and collected while using the service as follows
      • Records on use of services, access records, cookies, mobile phone device country code, etc.
  2. Collection method : Information on Location, e-mail address, Telephone number is directly entered by users.

2. Retention and use period of personal information

The Company disposes of any personal information immediately after the purposes of collection and using the personal information are achieved.
Provided that personal information shall be retained for a specified period of time according to other rules and regulations, such personal information may be disposed of after the stated retention period.

3. Procedure and method of disposal of personal information

Disposal Items Disposal Period
Location, E-mail address, Telephone number(including mobile number) Three years after Q&A

When the retention and use period of personal information expire, the Company will promptly destroy such personal information. The procedure of disposal is as follows:

  1. Procedure of disposal
    • When the purpose of personal information that users entered is fulfilled, the information is stored for a certain period of time and disposed of under the cases of the personal information specified by law (refer to “2. the retention and use period of personal information”).
    • The above personal information cannot be used for other purposes, except as required by law or internal regulations.
  2. Disposal method
    • The personal information stored in electronic file is removed with a technological method that prevents the recovery of deleted files.
    • The personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredder or incineration.

4. Entrustment of collected personal information

Contents of entrustment Entrustment information Retention and use period Handling service provider
Website management and maintenance Product inquiry → Locaion(including country, street, state, city), E-mail address, Telephone number(including mobile number) Until the expiration of the purpose of using personal information LG CNS,

5. Provision of personal information to third parties

  1. The Company uses users’ personal information within the scope specified in “1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information”and does not abuse it in excess of the established range nor provides it to a third party. Personal information to the third party may be provided in the following cases.
    • Prior disclosure of personal information or consent of users to the provision of personal information to a third party has been obtained
    • If there are provisions in law or if there is a formal request by investigative agencies and supervisory authorities in accordance with the procedures and methods specified by law for the purpose of investigation
  2. If it is deemed necessary to provide other personal information to a third party, such personal information can be provided to a third party through legitimate proce dures such as obtaining users’ consent.

6. Rights of users and methods to exercise such rights

As the subject of the personal information, users may exercise the following rights:

  1. Right to have access to personal information : If users request to have access to their personal information stored in the Company database, the Company will imme diately take action upon receipt of your contacting a personal information manager by e-mail.
  2. Right to request deletion of personal information: If users request to correct or delete their personal information registered in the Company database, the Company will immediately take action upon receipt of your contacting a personal information manager by e-mail.
  3. Right to request discontinuance of personal information processing: If users request to discontinue personal information processing stored in the Company database, the Company will immediately take action upon receipt of your contacting a personal information manager by e-mail. Upon subjecting such request, the following cases may be rejected at the request of discontinuance of such processing.
  4. As for the request of having access, correcting, deleting, and discontinuing personal information, the Company takes action to respond to such request within 10 days.
    If there is no action taken within 10 days, the Company will notify the delay of processing to the user by e-mail or phone. If users request to have access, correct, delete, and discontinue personal information, you can submit such request to the department in charge.

7. Matters concerning the installation, operation, and rejection of automatic personal information collection

he Company operates “cookies” that function as storing and finding users’ information any time to provide a more convenient environment to users.
 - What is a cookie?
A cookie is a very small text file sent to a user’s browser by the serve used for operating Website and it is also stored in a user’s HardDisk.
 - Purpose of using cookies
By storing users’ preferential setting, the Company can provide a prompt Website environment and improve services.
 - Set cookies
Users have the choice to install cookies. Accordingly, users can set the options of Website to allow all cookies, to confirm each installation of cookie, or to refuse all cookies.
 - How to set cookie settings
Internet Explorer : Tools > Internet Options > Privacy >Advanced > Cookies
Chrome : Tools > Options > Under the Hood > Privacy > Clear browsing data
However, there may be differences in the method of cookie settings depending on types of smartphone device. If users refuse the cookie setting, they may not be entitled to use some services.

8. Measures to secure safety of personal information

The Company takes the following technical, administrative and physical measures to prevent personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged in handling users’ personal information:

  1. Establishing and implementing internal management plan
    The Company establishes and implements internal management plan to handle personal information with safety.
  2. Minimizing number of staff handling personal information and training
    The Company gives a minimum number of staff permission to handle personal information and provides a regular training to encourage them to comply with Privacy Notice.
  3. Limiting access to personal information
    The Company authorizes accounts that can access personal information database systems, and takes measures to control access to personal information by granting, changing, and cancelling authorization to staff. The Company also records the contents of granting, changing, and cancelling authorization to staff who can have access to personal information, and keeps such contents.
  4. Storage of access records and prevention of forging or falsifying logs
    The Company stores and manages records of access to personal information systems (web logs, summary information, etc.) for at least 6 months and takes measures to prevent such access records from being forged or falsified and from being stolen or ost.
  5. Technical measures to prevent hacking
    The Company installs security programs in order to prevent leakage or damage of personal information cause by computer hacking or virus, and renews and checks the system regularly. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is installed where access from outside is made to personal information process system through information network. In addition, technical and physical monitoring and blocking system are operated to make it possible only for authorized staff to have access to a place where prevents unauthorized access from outside.
  6. Control of unauthorized access
    The Company has a storage place where personal information is physically stored, and established and implements a process of controlling access to such place.

9. Personal information management director

The Company appoints a personal information management director as follows to protect users’ personal information and handle complaints relating to personal information. Users may direct all personal information related to complaints arising from users’ using the Company’s services to the personal information management director. The Company will promptly respond to such enquiries.

Personal information management director
  • Division Information strategy team
  • Name Han Yoon-seok team leader
  • E-mail
  • Tel. 02-6930-1397
Personal information protection staff
  • Division Information strategy team
  • Name Cho Sung-hwan manager
  • E-mail
  • Tel. 02-6930-1397

10. Duty of notification

This Privacy Notice will take effect from the effective date, and any changes, deletion or correction of the Notice will be announced 7 days prior to the date on which such changes will take effect.

Effective Date : 04. 22, 2016